Fundraising Training

Successful fundraising and development engages every member of your faith-based or community non-profit organization - from Executive Director and Development Director to staff, from board members to volunteers.

At BreakThru Fundraising, we offer extraordinary half-day and one-day, on-site, fundraising training sessions that will change your non-profit organization forever.

We'll teach you and the members of your organization practical, personalized approaches to fundraising that are easy to learn and simple to implement. We'll show you how fundraising can be fun and personally rewarding, and we'll demonstrate how other non-profit organizations have overcome their fundraising challenges.

As part of our training, we teach a proprietary, proven 12-Stage Fundraising Process which delivers consistent results.

Our Fundraising Training and Workshops include:

  • "Asking Made Easy"
  • "Thriving in Tough Times"
  • "Never Run Out of People to Ask"
  • "Generational Differences in Fundraising"
  • "Fully Fund Your Missionary" - for Church Mission Conferences

In these dynamic training sessions, you'll walk away with a customized training manual, customized presentation materials, tools, scripts and everything you need to effectively tell your story and invite prospective donors to become partners with your organization to impact the community and achieve your mission.

For more information on our fundraising and development training for faith-based and community non-profits, please e-mail

To help you become fully funded as quickly as possible, we also offer fundraising coaching and fundraising consulting.

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