Fundraising Coaching

"Everyone needs a coach."

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

"If you want to go further faster, hire a coach."

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

At BreakThru Fundraising, we work with faith-based and community non-profit organizations across the country to fully fund their mission. We coach Executive Directors; CEO's and key leaders to increase their fundraising capacity, helping to raise millions of dollars for greater mission impact. We adhere to best practices in the industry and the code of ethics set forth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Individual Coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, we can help you in all areas of fundraising, which includes everything from developing creative fundraising strategies and campaigns through execution to reach and maintain your funding goals. We also offer executive coaching around sixty-two different strengths, including self-management, relationship building, organizational development, and analytics. Click here for a complete list of our Executive Coaching Opportunities For Impact. We can also coach key people in your organization, helping them develop leadership skills as the leaders grow, so, too, will the non-profit.

We'd like to show you how easily breakthroughs can come during effective BreakThru Fundraising coaching sessions... click here for a Free Fundraising Coaching Session.

Group Coaching

Group coaching via bridge calls* can provide many of the same benefits as one-on-coaching, for a fraction of the cost. In group coaching sessions, you'll join others who are interested in fundraising for faith-based and community non-profits on one-hour calls, once per month.

Coaching Return on Investment

Fundraising coaching can provide an incredible return on investment. Upon request, we have several studies available that detail the ROI. BreakThru Fundraising clients have reported returns of 10 times to 30 times their fundraising coaching investments.

To help you raise money faster, we also offer fundraising consulting and fundraising training.

*Bridge calls are conference calls in which participants phone in, from all across the country, and listen and participate in coaching calls. You don't need any special technology to join in - you simply call from any phone.

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