BreakThru Fundraising Works!

Here's what others are saying about BreakThru fundraising coaching, fundraising consulting, and fundraising training:

"Gregg is one of the top fundraising coaches in America."

Johnny Meyers, Atlanta LEAD Institute, Atlanta, Georgia

"Gregg makes fundraising fun!"

Larry Green, Cloud Walk, Alpharetta, Georgia

"Gregg has the ability to meet any ministry at its current fundraising level and to raise it to new heights. It is obvious that the Lord's hand is upon him and has gifted him in this area."

John Heerema, Big Life, Naples, Florida

"BreakThru Fundraising provides non-profits with the tools they need to sustain their ministries. Not only does Gregg assist in creating structures and presentations, his unique coaching style empowers ministry leaders to have the confidence and communication skills necessary to remove the challenges and fears associated with fundraising. Our ministry brought in over one-third of our annual budget through the coaching and tools Gregg provided in just one group coaching session and one phone session! BreakThru Fundraising has enabled our ministry to focus more of our time and energy on what initially led us into non-profit work and the most important part of our ministry: the people we serve in our community."

Julie Riggs, Redeemed Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia

"Thanks for the blessing you are! I don't know where I would be right now without your coaching and encouragement. You are literally a life saver. I thank Jesus for you."

Allen Fleming, Throne Of Grace Ministries, Alpharetta, Georgia

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your passion and dedication are exemplary. Thank you for setting the bar for me, MV, and the ministries we serve. You rock!"

Kevin Maufer, Ministry Ventures, Roswell, Georgia

"Amazing, that was the best fundraising presentation I've ever heard!"

Orrin Hudson, Be Somebody, Atlanta, Georgia

"You are an inspiration! I enjoyed looking at ministry and fundraising through new lenses. You helped me to gain a new perspective and insight. Our ministry is not the same as a result of working with you."

Connie Menser, Full Supply, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"We appreciate your expertise and energy. Your sincerity and humility make you a joy to work with. It is always a pleasure to work with you and we are grateful for your commitment to excellence."

Ruth M., Roswell, Georgia

"Thank you for all the coaching. Having a great time "fun-raising!"

Sherri Dodd, Advanced Global Coaching, Atlanta, Georgia

"My experience with fundraising coaching has been a very positive one. I am always encouraged, and Gregg is always focusing on what our ministry needs and how it affects me as the executive director. I have personally grown as a result of the coaching."

Lynn Daniels, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have had the pleasure of engaging Gregg's services as a fundraising consultant and coach. Both experiences have been very positive. I would highly recommend Gregg as a knowledgeable and competent professional who brings integrity and excellence to his work."

Jason Benedict, AIMS, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Everyone needs a coach."

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

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