Our Fee Structure

We offer fundraising coaching, consulting, and training for faith-based and community non-profit organizations.

Fundraising and Development Coaching

We have a flexible range of coaching packages to meet your budget and needs.

Individual Coaching Calls

Individual coaching is the most effective coaching approach, delivering the fastest, most dramatic results. Personalized coaching packages start at $250 per month. Once we understand your specific needs, we can offer you options that are best suited for your goals, budget, and schedule.

Group Coaching Calls

Join a monthly 60-minute fundraising coaching call for just $49 per month. Group size is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you register for a coaching call, you will be given a dial-in number. In advance of the call, you can e-mail fundraising and development questions to info@breakthrufundraising.com, and your questions may be covered as one of the topics.

On-Site Coaching

If you'd prefer face-to-face coaching, on-site coaching is available upon request. Fees include an hourly, half-day, or full-day rate, plus travel time and expenses.

Coaching Return on Investment

Fundraising and executive coaching can provide incredible returns on investment. Upon request, we have several studies available that detail the ROI for individual coaching. BreakThru Fundraising clients have reported returns of 10 times to 30 times their fundraising coaching investments.

See For Yourself How Powerful Coaching Can Be

We're pleased to offer a free 45-minute Fundraising Coaching Session so that you can see for yourself how impactful coaching can be. Click here to download instructions for preparing for your Free Fundraising Coaching Session.

Fundraising and Development Consulting

Once we've had a chance to discuss your specific needs, timelines, and project details, we'll provide a written proposal for our consulting services that includes: objectives, scope, timeline, and fees. We can work with you on a specific project, or on a retainer basis. Please call Gregg Pawlowski for more information, (877) 963-7675.

Fundraising and Development Training

Our high-impact training is available in both half-day and full-day increments. We use an effective 4-Step Approach to ensure that you achieve your desired results. Once we understand your specific needs, we can submit a proposal and customize the training so that it's relevant to your participants - whether they're executives, staff, board members, and/or volunteers.

For more information on how we can best meet your needs, e-mail info@breakthrufundraising.com.

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