Faith-Based & Community Non-Profits - Reach Full Funding

Is your non-profit organization fully funded for today and tomorrow?

If you're seeking funding for general operations, short-term cash flow needs, special projects, implementation of new services, capacity building, reserve funds, long-term sustainability, or unrestricted funds, we can help.

At BreakThru Fundraising, we understand that fundraising and development hinge on relationships and results. We can help you expand your donor base, diversify your funding sources, and improve how you measure and communicate the results of your programs to those who invest in your non-profit organization. To help you increase and accelerate your fundraising, we've designed step-by-step fundraising processes, tools, scripts, strategies, templates, campaigns, appeals, response cards, event scripting, presentations, and more.

This all results in meeting your immediate funding needs, planning for long-term sustainability, funding new programs, and building capacity - all of which will allow you to increase your mission impact.

We can help you work smarter, not harder, employing some of the most powerful, new millennium methodologies, such as online giving and understanding the generational differences in today's donors.

We have experience working with executive and development directors, as well as board members, in faith-based and community non-profit organizations. Part of the focus of our fundraising coaching, training, and consulting is to provide executive directors and staff members with the skill sets, time, tools, and processes the board might not be in a position to offer.

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience as a result of fundraising coaching, consulting, and coaching:

  • More consistent funding
  • Peace of mind when it comes to funding
  • Long-term sustainability for your organization
  • Capacity to serve more people
  • Ability to add new programs

Don't settle for operating on a bare-bones budget or constantly worrying about the future, contact us today! E-mail

Better yet, click here for a Free Fundraising Coaching Session, and we can get started now! Please note that if you're a board member of a faith-based non-profit or ministry, we welcome you to join in on this complimentary coaching session. We're also available to talk with you to discuss any questions you might have. After the free coaching session, we'll be happy to present you with a detailed proposal that shows how we can help your organization reach and sustain full funding.

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