Donors - Teach Them to Fish

If you're like most donors who make significant investments in faith-based and community non-profits, you have a heart connection with their organization and specific causes, but you also want to be a good steward of your giving. You might not want, however, to keep providing funding indefinitely.

You'd rather teach organizations "how to fish," not provide fish for years and years. You prefer to fund a cause or organization, feel the satisfaction of watching them reach long-term sustainability, and at some point, move on to your next project. You want to know that once you withdraw your support in a planned and responsible manner, the non-profit will be able to stand on its own feet.

At BreakThru Fundraising, we can help assure all of the above. Our specialty is working with faith-based and community non-profit organizations to develop funding plans, strategies, and diverse funding streams for short-term needs and long-term sustainability.

For more information on how we can ensure that the non-profit organizations you're considering working with or are currently involved with can achieve and maintain full funding, please e-mail

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience as a result of fundraising coaching, consulting, and coaching:

  • Assurance that the non-profit isn't completely reliant on your continued funding
  • Benchmarks and metrics that demonstrate whether the organization is being a good steward of your money
  • Peace of mind that the non-profit has a plan in place for long-term sustainability
  • Knowledge that your giving is leaving a lasting legacy
  • The most "bang for your buck" with every dollar you donate
  • Organizational efficiency so that the non-profit can serve more people, with more programs, ultimately creating greater mission impact

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